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Introduction: STYSA's Academy is an advanced recreational program developed for players who are ready to expand their soccer abilities. The program will focus mainly on honing individual skills and introducing team-oriented concepts in a friendly environment, so that players feel free to experiment and enjoy the game.

Objective: The main objective of the STYSA Academy Program is to strengthen player development.

Who should participate? Players who are committed to developing their soccer skills.

What is included? Academy training will focus on individual skills such as body coordination, dribbling, passing, ball control, shooting and creativity, as well as basic team tactics such as positional responsibilities on the field. Skills will be further developed through fun games supervised by licensed coaches.

What age groups participate in the program? We focus on the 9U and 10U age groups. Depending on seasonal interest, STYSA may also offer 7U and 8U programs. For the Fall 2022 Season, the groups will be 9U and 10U age range. We will continue playing with other Clubs members of the Louisiana Soccer Academy Program (LSAP). See below for more information. We will also play with teams for other Clubs as well.

9U/10U Academy:

The STYSA Academy Program is for 9U and 10U Boys and Girls who want to participate in a structured program focused on player development. The program will prepare players for the transition to the STYSA ELITE Competitive Program (starting at 11U).

The STYSA Academy Program will be run by licensed and certified coaches and trainers, and will conduct two (2) training sessions per week.

Academy weekend games will be played against other Academy teams from neighboring clubs (example: BRSC, MSC, SYSC). Minimal travel will be required. Players will become familiar with traveling and playing other opponents with the goal of improving both the player's individual technical skills, while introducing the team to the tactical components of the game. STYSA’s 9U/10U Academy Program fee includes a limited budget for jamborees/festivals.

All STYSA Academy games will be coached by licensed and certified coaches.

Registration fee is per Season (Fall or Spring). Uniform is included in the registration fee.


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The concept of Academy-based programming and the sound player development philosophy behind it has grown exponentially over the past few years. Starting our players in an environment that focuses on player development and performance rather than on team achievements and outcomes has been proved world-wide to be the best and most productive formula for introducing kids to the game and in retaining them longer. 

Inaugural Season 2020-2021

Congratulations to those LSA Clubs that joined the LSAP for its inaugural season. With their participation, cooperation and guidance, these Clubs are committing to improving the game of soccer across the State. 

AFSC NB    CABOSA NB    Copy of Cajun Rush NB     Calcasieu NB
 Dynamo NB    MYB NB    MSC NB  STYSA NB    Slidell NB     
The LSAP is designed specifically to:

make learning the game enjoyable for youth players,

elp retain players through their years of cognitive and physical growth,

focus on the technical development of each player,

de-emphasize results as a measure of success, 

reduce pressure on players and coaches to earn results,

to educate parents and players on the importance of defining long term success in terms of player performance  rather than team outcomes, and

bring clubs together in a cooperative environment to focus on player development.

LSA Policy 300.3 specifically outlines the process and criteria for developing an Academy Program. The LSAP is inclusive and club-driven. LSA simply guides and supports the LSAP. 


What can you do as a Parent?

  • Learn the game.  Watch some soccer games other than your own player's games.
  • This is "their" game, let them play it.  Let them make mistakes - it's how they learn.  Thoughts - The coach might be trying to get a right foot dominant player to use his/her left foot.  The coach might be trying to teach the players to pass the ball instead of run into a group of opponents.  The coach could be teaching how to play short ball and long ball.  Let the coach.... coach.
  • Make sure your soccer player has enough water to drink - before, during and after the game.

  • Game time - Arrive early, then enjoy the game. STYSA Rule: no yelling on the sidelines. Sit back relax and let the players enjoy the game, cheer for both teams, and let the soccer players learn from their successes as well as their mistakes.

  • Remember that the referees at this age are young and inexperienced.  They will make mistakes.  Also, remember that they too are someone's child.

  • After the game, say the following to your child in the car ride home : "I love watching you play".  One of a child’s biggest motivations to play any sport is to make their parents and their team proud. If the first words out of your mouth after a practice or game is “you looked so slow out there,” “you need to play better” or “I can’t believe you missed that shot,” you can watch a player’s motivation sag.  Postgame remarks need to be positive, not accusatory or questioning.

  • One word - TunnelTime.


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